Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Who Knew Bob The Builder Could Be So Fascinating?
My three year old is obsessed with construction and all things construction related. Every morning we drive by a construction site near our house and Hollis comments on the progress. Heaven help them if the workers aren't there (even on a Sunday). Hell hath no fury like a three year old who can't get his crane fix.

"Where are the guys, Mommy? WHERE ARE THE GUYS!?"

I can't even tell you the raptures Hollis went into when T rented a backhoe for a weekend to work on a drainage issue in our yard more than a year ago. To this day he still tells us that we need to go to the tractor store and get him another tractor.

Do I even need to tell you that Hollis loves Bob the Builder?

So when PBN offered me the chance to review the new Bob the Builder DVD, On-Site - Roads and Bridges, I snapped it up. Man, am I glad I did.

This DVD isn't just a collection of Bob the Builder cartoons. This is Bob and his friends actually explaining how roads and bridges are built. The cartoon portions are interspersed with film footage from real construction sites explaining every step of construction.

The show also includes real children using kid friendly materials like blocks and sand demonstrating the construction process in the sandbox or playroom. This is stuff any kid can reproduce at home. But when your kids are building their road in the sandbox, they can make sure they don't use shoddy construction practices! Bob even gets into simple engineering problems and makes it understandable for toddlers.

My. kids. were. fascinated.

Hell, even my husband enjoyed the DVD. It goes without saying that I did. In fact, I kind of suspected that I would. I secretly watch all those mega construction shows on the History Channel and TLC. Something I don't mention often on my blog is that I'm a constr*ction att*rney. (Letters removed to protect me from The Google.) I visit job sites on a regular basis. I have my own steel toe boots and hardhat. So I was thrilled to see this DVD that breaks down construction in understandable language. If only more att*rneys and expert witnesses could do that.... But I digress.

Would I recommend this video? Hell, yes. In fact, I might suggest that my firm make it required viewing for any first year associate in my firm without an engineering or architectural background who thinks they might be interested in constr*ction litig*tion. Heck, I might even show it to a jury sometime!

Here's Hollis watching the video and simultaneously setting up his own construction site:

He's now the only toddler in his preschool class who could manage a project site. I couldn't be more excited if he'd mastered multiplication!

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Blogger Kyla said...

This might just be a birthday gift for a certain little girlie I know.

Blogger Jen said...

Thanks, Bob is a favourite at our house. I am going to have to pick this one up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is the sexual attention between Wendy and Bob? Because I love their chemistry. And does that hussy Jenny make an appearance. I hate that bitch.

Blogger Amy said...

Thanks for the reco! So far, my liitle Boog has only seen the videos on the Bob website (WAY too short, leaving us to watch them over and over and over).

Plus, we're (ie., my husband and I) are getting tired of watching the train videos (although "I want to be a train engineer" is extremely intriguing)

--Amy (Gracobaby)

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