Thursday, December 13, 2007
Autolite Flareglo
Did you know that I'm paranoid?

Seriously, I've talked about this on my other blog. I'm constantly picturing the worst case scenario for pretty much everything. Those Worst Case Scenario books? Were written for people like me. I'm convinced that my car will break down in the middle of nowhere on a dark highway. I'll have no cell phone, two kids in the car, and will be rear ended by a kamikaze semi driver.

So when PBN offered me the opportunity to review the Autolite Flareglo, I jumped at the chance. The Flareglo is an alternative to the standard flares found in emergency car kits. Those flares? Don't last very long. I don't know about you, but the last time I called a tow truck it took 45 minutes to show up. And I was on the interstate, not in the middle of nowhere. I want something that will alert drivers for longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

The Flareglo is a reusable safety lite that operates on 2 AAA batteries. Two Flareglos came in the package I received. 1 should be placed 10 feet behind the car and the other 100 feet behind the car. They're visible for 500 feet and rapidly blink.

T and I tried ours out in the back 40 of our yard and it definitely works well and was quite visible. I love the blinking feature. It's much more noticeable than a flare placed on the ground and I love the fact that the Flareglo will last a minimum of 12 hours. And if I'm trapped in a snow storm for 2 days? I can simply replace the batteries. (Let's just forget the fact that this area of Virginia doesn't see much snow. I told you I was paranoid.)

The Flareglo is now in the trunk of my car just waiting for my next worst case scenario. And I'll be buying some for my husband's truck, because I worry about him too.

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