Tuesday, June 19, 2007
My Pantyhose Are Down Around My Ankles!
When I first started practicing law, I always obeyed the First Commandment of the female lawyer's dress code: Thou Shalt Always Wear Pantyhose In Court, even if it's 105 degrees outside. It made sense to me. Who wants to risk pissing off a crotchety old judge with antiquated views about women and decorum? Plus, a good foundation garment never hurt anyone, right? Right?

Ha! Tell that to someone who hasn't walked all over D.C. in a suit in the Summer. And crowded into a packed Metro car with somewhat, um, fragrant people. When it's 95 degrees. Oh and really friggin humid!

Still, for the first few years my panty hose were my support system, literally and figuratively. If I was scared to death going into a hearing, at least I knew I was wearing the right uniform. And fitting in is half the battle right? Right?

I think I finally got over that when I was pregnant with Hollis. I had a court hearing in June in D.C. I struggled into my maternity underwear, fought the D.C. traffic, and then hiked half a mile to the courthouse in 95 degree weather.

On the way there I noticed I was having a bit of a problem. My maternity pantyhose were slowly rolling down my body from the waist. I kept grabbing them and hiking them back up, but it was futile. I barely made it through security and into the restroom before the hose was around my ankles. Boy, did I get some looks in that bathroom! Anyway, I had a great hearing, minus the required leg wear, and finally freed myself of the yoke of the foundation garment. You couldn't pay me enough to wear hose these days.

Even in court.

I'm such a rebel.

This post is part of the Parent Bloggers Network Blog Blast for Sk*rt, a new "social bookmarking" website for women. Our topic was "What Are You Hiding Under Your Skirt?" Clearly, it's not my pantyhose anymore!

Now I've already heard some digs about Sk*rt, some speculation that it's too girly and frivolous. But I see nothing wrong with reading about make-up, shoes, my weight, and world events. I mean, I can climb trees with the best of the boys, but I'm not going to do it in my new celery green peep toe wedges.

I can win a nifty prize if you go over to Sk*rt and vote for this post. I hate to pimp myself out, but I'll get over it!

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Blogger CPA Mom said...

Pimp away! I voted for you. Heck I voted for Karen too! You both rock my socks off

Blogger CPA Mom said...

oh and I abhore panty hose. I cannot TELL you the last time I wore them. Because I do not remember.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

I go to High Court next month and am dreading the whole pantyhose I brave the judges' wrath and not wear them or do I wear them and face the tube (at about 120F) and likely die from heat stroke? Do you think the judge will buy it if I say that wearing pantyhose could be fatal? Tune in next month...

Blogger Ally said...

Ha! This was great. I'm an attorney as well and I've laughed at myself as each year I dress up less and less. Now we have jeans Friday and I just keep a suit on the back of my door for when I have to go to court, then I come back to my office and put on my slob clothes. I love it. But I am in Seattle, after all. We're pretty comfy around here.

Blogger PunditMom said...

Viva la no pantyhose! ESPECIALLY in D.C.!

Blogger RB said...

I started not wearing them a few years ago as well. I think there was actually a case here where a judge got onto a female lawyer for wearing a pant suit and he was served his head on a platter. Yay!

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